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The Daily Freeman: HITS Jumps High

Some of the highlights at HITS this year include the U.S. Junior Hunter National Championship from July 29-31 and the New York Horse and Pony Show and Children’s Hunter Pony Final Aug. 3-4.
Highlights during the week of Sept. 4-8 include the U.S. Hunter Jumper Association Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper Regional Championship; the HITS $250,000 Hunter Prix Final; the Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix and the Zoetis $1 million Grand Prix.
“We attract horses from around the world, specifically because we offer a couple million dollars in prize money,” Struzzieri said.
“For riders, Saugerties offers the biggest prize money—more than any other place. The weekend after Labor Day is the largest weekend of show jumping in the world.”

In addition, the show grounds attract thousands of people, especially on weekends, he said.

Struzzieri said he believes he knows why.
“Males and females compete against each other equally, and you’re seeing these international level riders, who will show at the Olympics….and horses that are just extraordinary athletes as well, clearing five-foot or six-foot jumps, one after the other,” he said.

Contributor: Paula Ann Mitchell

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